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The training provided by Fringe was top notch. The instructor brilliantly blended textbook knowledge with practical application through valuable exercises. I would highly recommend the PSF course through Fringe Technology to anyone looking to start their scrum journey.

Scrum Master

“The combination of their Atlassian expertise and field experience is priceless. Their competency, intelligence and culture is consistent across the entire team.”

Product Owner

“Having Shari and her team at our side helped us to have a smooth rollout of both JIRA and Confluence. Their depth of knowledge and experience with the tools allowed us to focus on our desired processes and outcomes and leave the details of the configuration to them.”

VP, Product Management

“Dealing with stressful projects for high demand Fortune 500 clients was a daily nightmare I had to live through – this was before our company decided to hire Fringe Technology to oversee a large-scale Atlassian implementation. Over the past year, Shari has personally saved me on countless occasion from sweaty restless nights fraught with technology nightmares. She’s won over my complete trust and confidence that her and her team will go above-and-beyond the call of duty to tackle any obstacle I might throw at her. The best part is I know they always make themselves available and are always helpful. I now consider them an absolute essential part of the team and they have not only become my trusted go-to resource, but have genuinely made me feel like part of a family! Shari and her team have made integrating cutting edge business solutions feel like a breeze and impossibly complex integrations go smooth as silk. I can think of no one I’d rather have working by my side! THANK YOU!”

Product Manager

“We entrusted our JIRA and Confluence migration projects to Fringe and they have been phenomenal in servicing all of our needs. With Shari at the helm we worked with Robert (JIRA) and Paul (Confluence) to determine the most efficient workflows, trainings, and system configurations. I was most impressed with their thoroughness in troubleshooting network connections and plugin installations for our unique IT systems. Their expertise and experience provided us with invaluable knowledge to both management and staff. I commend the Fringe folks for their exceptional work. They are, bar none, THE ABSOLUTE BEST!”

Project Manager

“We love how fast and efficient Fringe works.”

Customer Success Manager

“Fringe-Tech was an essential resource for us during our startup phase and they continue to deliver excellent value. Shari has an excellent team there and working directly with Robert has been a pleasure. He is personable, knowledgeable and efficient – an all around good guy.”

Product Manager

“The process of implementing Jira and Confluence into our company’s system, has all been made seamless through Robert. Not only is he extremely knowledgable and approachable, but he also has the skill set to work with a variety of strong personalities. No question is too big or too small—he is always happy to provide further assistance. Robert has truly become part of our team.”

Production Manager

“LOVE Fringe and Robert is THE MAN.”

Iteration Manager

“They’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met and always do it with a level of professionalism and expertise that makes working with them a absolute pleasure.”

Product Manager

“The move to JIRA has been made so much easier by being able to have Robert at our offices to answer questions and become part of our team. Robert has won over even the non savvy tech people to the JIRA world.”

Program Director

“What sold me (us) on Fringe Technology is the Atlassian help you provided me over the phone when we first talked. You didn’t have to do that, but the extra customer service made all the difference in the world to me.”


“Fringe Technology is great to work with for anything JIRA or Confluence. Shari and team are first rate professionals that understand what it takes to get things done properly the first time. We started using them when we first went to JIRA and Confluence at the start of 2013 and have no regrets. They have helped in every area from server configuration, installations/ upgrades, end user training, on-boarding of different business groups, workflow development, add-on review and testing, recommendations for configurations, add-ons, consolidated billing. . . . the list just keeps going. We have recommended Fringe Technology to sister agencies with great success and will continue to work with them and recommend them.”

Solutions Manager

“When we brought on Fringe Technology to help implement Confluence, our old share drives and sharing culture were overdue for an overhaul. Fringe Technology guided us through the installation and taught us how to run our own Confluence server, manage a complex set of user permissions, and become knowledge management experts. Our Confluence site has become a robust, go-to destination for content and collaboration. Every one of our projects, teams, and internal resources is represented. Not only did Fringe Technology provide us with expert technical guidance, but they helped us transform our culture of sharing and collaboration.”

VP Operations

“Fringe Tech has been a winner for us. A combination of tech savvy with highly tuned people skills. This one-two punch allows us to develop the best solutions and have people use the technology and love it!”

Managing Director

“I was introduced to Atlassian JIRA and had the pleasure of working with Shari to build our new platform. Not only did Shari spearhead the development of our new system, but she also spent extra time to train and show me the nuances of how to create and manage JIRA projects. Shari is a wealth of knowledge in her specialty. She is patient and has the skill, personality and commitment to start up your company or improve its existing infrastructure.”

Engineering Manager

“Fringe Technology implemented JIRA processes in order for the project teams to track issues with the various components of development. This immensely improved the effectiveness of the project team and allowed us to deliver a top quality product to our clients. My project teams specifically requested Shari as a resource because of her in-depth knowledge of the SDLC as well as her ability to understand extremely complex applications/components and her attention to detail. She is extremely client focused and always willing to do whatever is needed to complete projects on time and accurately.”

IT Manager

“You have a knack for being able to explain how things work in simple terms so everyone can understand it easily. Not only did you just train, you put work into some of the handouts we were able to roll out as part of the final project. The project came with “her” own set of problems/caveats that were worked through quickly. Two things really stick out in my mind that helped make this a successful project; your ability to provide the right level of training at the right time and your test plans. Working through each type of scenario really helped identify issues and what worked well.”

Product Manager

“Having Shari on a project is a guarantee of an efficient high-quality process. She has good knowledge of SDLC and is well familiar with major technologies. Shari helped to significantly improve efficiency of IT department by introducing and utilizing JIRA software for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management. She also worked on introduction of Confluence as the knowledge management software for our IT department. Her experience and good judgment ensured a logical and practical approach to planning and managing efforts for the projects and were consistently bringing high quality results.”

Lead Architect

“Shari is meticulous about the details and is skilled at building test plans and test cases as well as mentoring others to improve within their QA roles. Her technical skills allow her to design and to perform in-depth testing using a wide variety of technologies and tools. Her planning skills are well used in building solid and thorough test strategies. She works well with the software developers in resolving unclear requirements, understanding technical designs, and in resolving identified software defects. She is always willing to take on a new challenge.”

IT Manager

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