Our passion for what we do transfers into our services.
Fringe Technology is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner.

Tools Configuration

One of the benefits of the Atlassian tools is flexibility. The tools are awesome, out-of-the-box. But for those that want or need some customization, we can help you get that done also. The tools can be reconfigured and modified when new, or even after years of use. Let us show you how.

Application Admin Support

Is your team too busy to create new spaces or projects for others, create new workflows and custom fields, or get a new team started with the tools? Let the Fringe Team help you, by being your remote tools administrator. No monthly minimum. Contact us to get more info.

Product Selection

There are over a dozen products in the Atlassian Suite, and thousands of add-on products available on the Atlassian Marketplace. We can help you choose which ones are right for your organization, your budget.

Training for Atlassian Apps

We offer application training for your team based on roles (end-user, project leads, sysadmin, space admin, etc.) We can do this either on-site, remotely, or at our Fringe HQ in Arizona. Training is customized for your organization and your teams.

Workflow Design & Coaching

Our consultants have worked with many teams who are fearful of technology. Let us help guide your teams in automating existing business processes. You will be amazed at how much productivity will increase and the metrics that you will have that were never available before.

Process Mentoring

We don’t just sell you the products and leave you hanging. Our experts can help get you started with each of the products, guide you in best practices, give you choices, and show you how to make smart decisions. We have been there as users ourselves, and we work with many teams from different industries. Let our experience work for you.

Agile Training

Build professional skills, utilize real-world situations and team building exercises, and prepare for Scrum.org certifications and assessments through our Scrum training workshops. As a member of the scrum.org Profession Training Network, let our certified Professional Scrum Trainers help you get started or help you expand on your existing Agile knowledge.

Methodology Coaching

Don’t try and force-fit a methodology – this can cause failure. Our Agile Coaches can work with your team to understand and apply Agile Principles, Values, Frameworks and Practices through our workshops. Whether you use Kanban, Scrum, or a hybrid, we can help you define processes and configure your tools to support your unique business needs.

Migration to Cloud or Data Center

Want to move from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud? Need to merge your existing Atlassian Cloud site with another Cloud site (or self-hosted site)?  Want to transition from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Data Center? Let us help you through this process with our proven migration plans, executed by our experienced server technicians.

Upgrade Support

Self-hosted applications, as with any software product, do need ongoing maintenance and upgrades. We can help by analyzing the effect of an upgrade on your currently installed products. After that, we can perform the upgrade and make sure everyone has the proper documentation and training they need ‘before’ the upgrade occurs.

License Management

Understanding the licensing for the Atlassian products and also for 3rd-party add-on vendors can be a little confusing. We will make it easy to understand, and make sure you are always on top of your renewals. Growing fast? We can help you upgrade to a higher tier when you are ready!

Deployment Options

There are numerous ways to deploy the Atlassian Data Center products. We can provide all the information you need in order to make the best decision for your team. If your instance will be s single-node, or needs to scale, our architect is here to help.

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