Partner with a Migration Expert!

Fringe Technology has a 100% success rate performing Atlassian Cloud Migrations.
Migrations can take several months or longer depending on your team’s size and complexity. We recommend evaluating your team’s Atlassian Cloud readiness now to give yourself enough time to understand the migration process and determine your timeline. This way, you can decide if and when Atlassian Cloud is right for you and have your team fully prepared.

Atlassian Server support ends February 2024 – reach out to us today for a no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute call, where you ask the questions and we help with the answers!

until Atlassian SERVER end of support!

Start With our Cloud Migration Assessment

We also offer an affordable, customized Cloud Migration Assessment for your Jira, Confluence and/or Bitbucket migration to the Atlassian Cloud. With our comprehensive written and verbal assessment, we will…
  • assess your SOURCE applications to be migrated
  • provide cloud plan options based on your data/needs
  • evaluate your apps for availability/data migration pathway
  • review what does and doesn’t migrate
  • provide cost estimation (both licensing and migration costs)
  • and much, much more!

We offer a Cloud Migration Assessment that provides a personalized migration recommendation, tailored to your team’s needs.