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I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a child, I also spent time living in Brussels, Belgium – before moving out west to California. I have lived in Arizona since 1971 (except for a few years in the bay area) and am blessed to have my family close by. When not busy at Fringe, my dog and I like to be outdoors and on-the-road, looking for unplanned adventures, or spending time with family and friends.

Why she likes being an Atlassian Partner
Atlassian Certifications
  • Based in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Works remotely with all clients outside of Arizona
  • Vast experience in Information Technology since 1982
  • Started using JIRA in 2004 as an end user and a system administrator
  • Started using Confluence in 2008 as an end user and a system administrator
  • Slayed the dragon in 2010.
  • Industry experience in Healthcare, Pharma, Hospitality, Banking, Manufacturing, Pension systems, Voice Telephony, CRM, EPIC EMR
Why she likes being an Atlassian Partner

Throughout the course of my early career, in many roles, at numerous organizations, I was ‘that’ person. The one that was frustrated that projects I worked on always seemed to suffer from the same issues over and over again. It seemed that no one really knew how to solve these challenges. The problem was, we were all just frustrated. Even if you changed jobs and moved to another organization, you would soon find out they had the same issues and challenges.

I am now one of the people that shows those teams that there is a better way – and at Fringe Technology, we work to SHOW YOU HOW to make it happen for your team and your organization.

You can read all about how I started Fringe Technology and my passion for helping teams around the world, enjoy the benefits the right tools can bring.

Atlassian Certifications

Other Certifications:

    • HIPAA Certified

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